[linux-dvb] CAMs and PCMCIA

Ralph Metzler rjkm at metzlerbros.de
Sun Jan 8 03:10:39 CET 2006

Steve Hill writes:
 > I've been Googling and not been able to find an answer so I'm hoping 
 > someone here will be able to help me:
 > Various DVB cards support plugging a separate CI slot into them so you can 
 > use a CAM to view encrypted channels.  As I understand it, the CI slot is 
 > actually a PCMCIA slot, so the question is: can you just plug a CAM into a 
 > normal PCMCIA or CardBus slot, grab the encrypted stream from the DVB card 
 > and then send it through the CAM?
 > The advantages would seem to be:
 > 1. Cards which have no support for a common interface seem to be quite a 
 > bit cheaper
 > 2. You could have multiple receiver cards recording simultaneously and 
 > then decrypt the data at a later date so that you only need a single CAM 
 > and viewing card.  (I believe the Sky+ box does this - only decrypting the 
 > data when you play it)
 > If you can plug a CAM directly into a PCMCIA slot, is there already any 
 > software support for doing it or would new drivers need to be written?

Sorry, this is all not possible and has been discussed before.


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