[linux-dvb] Another Twinhan VP20310 problem

J. van Amerongen joel at jovana.nl
Mon Jan 9 11:29:41 CET 2006


Please send me the file, I will test it. I know a few others the are want to
use this card also. Al the help is very welcome!


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J. van Amerongen wrote:

>I have already going through:
>The card can tune and scan. But no picture.
>I have try:
>There is one thing I didn't try, because I can't find:
>>try changing the dst_tlist[]  (for DCT-CI ) .type_flags = 
>>DST_TYPE_HAS_NEWTUNE | DST_TYPE_HAS_FW_2 only and see what happens.

You would require this one.

This is probably fixed in the v4l-algo test tree.. But unfortunately my link
is down (on dialup right now) and hence will not be able to access the repo.
(It's holidays here and the ISP does not have tech. people to fix it) I will
send you a tarball of the tree, in case you can test it out.


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