[linux-dvb] Newbie question

Cristo Saulo Bolaños Trujillo cbolanos at telefonica.net
Mon Jan 9 14:41:07 CET 2006

Right, that's very good notices.

Hmm... Avermedia has a composite input ? Could it dispatch a mpeg-2 
stream ?


Sid Boyce wrote:

> Sid Boyce wrote:
>> Cristo Saulo Bolaños Trujillo wrote:
>>> Hello everyone,
>>> I'm thinking about buying a dvb-t card (Avermedia 771 PCI or Haupauge
>>> Nova-T), mainly for recording programs from TV, right, the question is:
>>> how good is the quality ? and resolution ?
>>> Does recording gather much cpu ? I'm running an Ahtlon 2000 XP+ with
>>> Ubuntu.
>>> Thanks!
>> I have the Hauppauge Nova-T PCI working from Mandrake 10.1+kernel 
>> 2.6.13 to Mandriva 2006 and it's been fine on all kernels up to 
>> 2.6.15-git1 without patches.
>> I installed the Kworld V-Stream DVB-T on vanilla SuSE 10.0 at my 
>> daughter's, I just plugged it in and powered up. I was impressed with 
>> this cheaper card so much I've installed one on my SuSE 10.0 box with 
>> bleeding edged kernels. In both cases I'm using xawtv from 
>> bytesex.org snapshots and kaffeine with xine-lib I built as SuSE's 
>> version doesn't handle certain formats. Mythtv also works fine on the 
>> SuSE box, but I have setup problems with it on Mandriva 2006.
>> I'm pleased with both, just wished I'd tried the V-Stream first, 
>> would have saved me some cash.
>> Regards
>> Sid.
> I forgot to mention that the daughter's box is a Athlon 900 with 256M 
> and a FX5200 128M, but I haven't tried it on recording.
> Regards
> Sid.

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