[linux-dvb] Strange problem on 1 channel only (UK)

James Pattinson jamesp at hisser.org
Mon Jan 9 16:31:08 CET 2006

Gavin Hamill wrote:

> The only thing different about BBC ONE is the bitrate - especially if
> you're using a USB interface you may experience problems - BBC ONE will
> sit at substantially more bits per second than any other channel on
> freeview :)

Aha - I thought it might be something like that, but mistakenly assumed 
that all channels in the same mux would be at the same bitrate.

> Wow, you manage to get the whole TS over USB2 (I assume?) on other muxes
> and all channels are fine? I'm impressed :)

OK, I think I have made some progress. It seems my device was binding to 
a USB 1.1 driver because I was autoloading ohci_hcd. I've fixed that and 
it now appears as a "high speed" device rather than a "full speed" one. 
I think "full speed" confused me at first :)

Now, I get the same issue but also see some screen corruption every few 
seconds, but now it's across all channels. I'm beginning to think I do 
need a better antenna (ok, a *real* antenna).

> If USB is not being the bottleneck, then perhaps the extra CPU grunt
> required to decode the stream combined with the extra load in dealing
> with the raw I/O is the problem? 

I will look into this. The backend should have more than enough power 
but then it's not doing any decoding is it. My frontend has a hardware 
MPEG decoder though so should also be fine.



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