[linux-dvb] Strange problem on 1 channel only (UK)

James Pattinson jamesp at hisser.org
Mon Jan 9 16:41:07 CET 2006

Chris Audley wrote:

>I've just upgraded my Myth system and run into this exact problem. If you are using XvMC acceleration in Myth, try setting "Use hardware MPEG decoder" in the DVB card setup.
>AFAICT the problem is actually to do with the number of audio channels in the stream - too many and the XvMC decoder starts stuttering. I believe turning on the MPEG decoder option in myth strips out the extra streams - but don't quote me on that, I couldn't find a definitve answer on the net and haven't had a chance to browse the src yet.
Ah! Cracked it!

So from what you're saying the problem is actually on the frontend?


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