[linux-dvb] Kaffeine problem, it "sees" cards, but DVB icon remains dim, unusable.

Christophe Thommeret hftom at free.fr
Mon Jan 9 22:06:15 CET 2006

Le Lundi 09 Janvier 2006 18:32, William Smith a écrit :
> Here is the output from the terminal when I run it from there.
> I can't see anything wrong. Can anyone offer advice? I had it
> working in my previous installation, but I don't remember what I
> did. I had to reinstall because of hard drive update. Kaffeine shows the
> DVB cards when I go to DVB settings, but the DVB icon remains dim and
> unusable.
> I have the same installation (Kubuntu Breezy) but with an upgraded
> kernel. Tried before and after upgrading kernel. No difference. Kernel
> was upgraded because of ATA/IDE problems with the new S-ATA hard drive.
> Only diff is now this kernel detects my KWorld DVB-T card as a
> Zarlink.  DVB can be watched/recorded on the same system using Xine and
> Klear and cards can be tzap'ped and szap'ped.
>  Here is the output from the terminal:
> Any advice?
>  william at uhuru:~$ kaffeine
>  Main: XInitThreads()
>  [INFO] If Kaffeine hangs here run 'configure --with-xinit-workaround' and
>  recompile/reinstall.
>  DVB 2 : No such device
>  DVB 3 : No such device
>  kaffeine: Found DVB device.
>  Card 0 : opened ( Zarlink MT352 DVB-T )
>  Card 1 : opened ( ST STV0299 DVB-S )
>  Card 2 :openFe :: No such device
>  Card 3 :openFe :: No such device
>  kaffeine: Window manager: KWin found
>  kaffeine: Kaffeine:: Try to load service: gstreamer_part
>  kaffeine: This is a KMediaPart...
>  kaffeine: GStreamerPart: Load config
>  kaffeine: GStreamerPart: Found GStreamer version 0.8.11
>  kaffeine:
>  kaffeine: GStreamerPart: Using audio driver: alsasink
>  kaffeine: GStreamerPart: Using video driver: xvimagesink
>  kaffeine: GStreamerPart: Using visualization plugin: goom
>  kaffeine: GStreamerPart: Creating video window
>  kaffeine: GStreamerPart: Set volume to 1.8
>  kaffeine: GStreamerPart: Found logo animation:
>  /usr/share/apps/kaffeine/logo kaffeine: PlayList: add 1 items to playlist
>  kaffeine: PlayList: Check for kaffeine/noatun/m3u/pls/asx playlist
>  kaffeine: PlayList: Try loading kaffeine playlist
>  kaffeine: PlaylistImport:
>  kaffeine: /home/william/.kde/share/apps/kaffeine/playlists/NEW.kaffeine
>  kaffeine: Kaffeine: Set screensaver timeout to: 2 min
>  william at uhuru:~$ kaffeine: GStreamerPart: New gstreamer state: READY

3rd (and last) time !!!!

Uninstall kaffeine-gstreamer
Install kaffeine-xine

Christophe Thommeret

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