[linux-dvb] mpeg4 fta

Christophe Thommeret hftom at free.fr
Tue Jan 10 08:51:56 CET 2006

Le Lundi 09 Janvier 2006 23:14, Nico Sabbi a écrit :
> Christophe Thommeret wrote:
> >http://hftom.free.fr/tps-h264.m2t
> Thanks.
> my mplayer from cvs can play video already with the default -tsprobe 32000;
> you need a larger  probing range to play audio, too (e.g. -tsprobe N
> 512000)

Ok, plays (slowly) with cvs mplayer. Guess xine's ffmpeg needs a little 
update :)

btw, i couldn't think it will bring my xp2600 on its knees, to the point that 
with -framedrop option i get no image at all. I wonder what kind of machine 
is needed (without xvmc) to play such material smoothly.

Christophe Thommeret

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