[linux-dvb] Another Twinhan VP20310 problem: me too!: SUCCES!!! sort of...

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 16:23:35 CET 2006

Hello Christophe,

Christophe Thommeret wrote:

>Le Lundi 09 Janvier 2006 23:51, Bas Neggers a écrit :
>>as seen before on
>>tuning, scanning and viewing of FTA channels now seem to work (using Xine).
>>But now the encrypted channels seem to be unavailable, xine does not show
>>them (buffering 100% > 0% > game over). We have about 10 FTA on cable here,
>>rest is encrypted :(
>I don't know if your device driver support CI, but anyway xine won't play 
>encrypted channels. The application as to communicate with the cam to enable 
>decryption and xine does not implement that feature. VDR does, and maybe 

Unlike other DVB cards, the Twinhan and it's clones does support 
Conditional Access in firmware, and only a userspace application is 
required to  get descrambling going on them. These cards moreorless 
resemble FTA cards in their operation as the CA stack is not necessary 
for their operation. Just sending the CA_PMT message to the cards helpd 
in descrambling the streams in firmware, and the relevant stream can be 
watched with xine or mplayer or any other player available.

There requires a userspace application to send the message to the card, 
which the format is somewhat similar to the EN50221  protocol 
specifaction for the application data units.


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