[linux-dvb] Freecom DVB-T USB stick freezes

Matthew Linden matthew at linden.me.uk
Wed Jan 11 19:39:09 CET 2006

mike choy wrote:

> Matthew
> if tzap is tuning that is pretty good, can you get a picture using 
> dvbstream
> =============from ethics gradient=====================================
> "Now look at your channels.conf file for the channel you tuned above. 
> For my setup on the Crystal Palace transmitter this line looks like:
> BBC 
> The last two numbers are the IDs of the video and audio stream within 
> the multiplex. We also need the transmission parameters to feed to 
> dvbstream. The command I would use for the channel above is this:
> *# dvbstream -o -ps -qam 16 -cr 3_4 600 601 | mplayer -*
> You'll need different options if you have DVB-S or DVB-C. See the 
> documentation for dvbstream.
> The result should be a perfect DVB picture of your chosen channel. It 
> should not stutter or break up and the audio should be clean. It's 
> just possible that occasional artefacts may appear but they shouldn't 
> be very noticeable. If the video breaks up, has major colour problems, 
> has a very low frame rate or is corrupt then there is something wrong.
> ==================================================================

It freezes after a couple of minutes using dvbstream and mplayer in 
exactly the same way as with Kaffeine and xawtv4.

I really do think the problem is with the USB power draw. A colleague 
was telling me this morning that boards for AMD CPUs are well known for 
having low power USB ports.


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