[linux-dvb] DVB-S card with CAM module

Jesper Taxbøl jesper at taxboel.dk
Wed Jan 11 23:12:09 CET 2006

Hi Everybody,

I have spent a lot of time the past few months trying to receive sattelite
TV on my linuxbox, with the aim of setting up a MythTV box.

I have had access to 2 different cards.

1) Pinnacle PCTV Sat CI - using dvb-bt8xx module

2) Terratec Cinergy 1200 DVB-S - using budget-av module

I have recently had both cards running and tuning on a Gentoo 2.6.15
system. The trick was to download some firmwares into /lib/firmware.

I have noticed that the cards have very different capabilities with regard
to sensitivity. The PCTV could find 120 services on Thor1.0W while the
terratec could find 260 services!

The Pinnacle card are often having a hard time initializing its frontend,
making it very annoying to work with.

Now I can tune the cards, but the channels available suck. I cant watch
"Gospel Channel Europe" for a minute more.

Therefore I want to use my Canal Digital card in the Pinnacle card, but
that does not seem to work. I have a Telenor Conax adaptor between the
slot and the smartcard.

The terratec card has a connector, but Terratec's homepage says no cam
module are available.

Are there any tricks to enabeling the CAM module?

If not, does there exist a supported DVB-S card with CAM support?

Thanx for your time.

Jesper Taxbøl

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