[linux-dvb] VP-1025 scan failed !

Hou Xiang ZHU hou-xiang.zhu at st.com
Thu Jan 12 03:30:50 CET 2006

Thank you for your reply. I tried with your new driver. it still scan 
failed. I attached 3 files for you.
one is information for 2.6.14 kernel driver.
the second is the new driver information.
the third is what scan failed info. I added a little debug info. I don't 
understand why the p.frequency is not the same as it read from the file. 
what about lnb_type.low_val and lnb_type.high_val?

what kind of lnb_type value should be?

my card is "FAE VP-1025 V1.4" with "Conexant Fusion 878A" chip, red PCB.

Please tell me how to debug.


Manu Abraham wrote:

> Hou Xiang ZHU wrote:
>> hello,
>> I have a VP-1025 which is based on bt878 chip.
>> I can use it under winXP.
> The VP-1025 is similar to the other cards supported by the dst module, 
> except that there are 2 versions of this card having different 
> firmware versions and the later version of the card had some 
> difficulty in getting "found" by the module.
> Please do check whether you see any differences in the behaviour with 
> the updated tree. Other than that, what you do looks mostly okay to 
> me. (FEC should not be a problem)
> Manu

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