[linux-dvb] Problems with KWorld DVB-S 100

Vadim Catana vcatana at registru.md
Fri Jan 13 07:32:53 CET 2006

es3110 at adelphia.net wrote:
> I still cannot get DVB to work.  Dvbsnoop keeps reporting false and/or incorrect signal values.  I followed the procedure you did and sttill I am at a loss.
> What LNBf do you have?  Perhaps that might give some clue to the problem?
> My LNBf:
> RF: 11.7-12.5GHz
> IF: 950-1750MHz
> LO: 10.75GHz

Did you test the dish, LNB, cable with another dvb card or a tuner ?
I didn't try dvbsnoop, but it works with dvbtune, VDR, mplayer.
Could you try some other tools like scan and szap from linuxtv.org CVS.
What messages do you have when you load the drivers ?

Vadim Catana

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