[linux-dvb] Problems possibly located with KWorld DVB-S 100

es3110 at adelphia.net es3110 at adelphia.net
Fri Jan 13 12:56:32 CET 2006

es3110 at adelphia.net wrote: 
> I still cannot get DVB to work.  Dvbsnoop keeps reporting false and/or 
incorrect signal values.  I followed the procedure you did and sttill I am at a 
> What LNBf do you have?  Perhaps that might give some clue to the problem? 
> My LNBf: 
> RF: 11.7-12.5GHz 
> IF: 950-1750MHz 
> LO: 10.75GHz 

I am pretty sure the LNB settings are the problem.  The LO is not supported in the drivers at all.  The LNB itself is not even supported.  Extra settings and configurations must be added for any non-universal USA Ku band LNB to work.  My LNBf is an USA Ku Band LNBf and therefore will have different settings.  For example, the local oscillator frequency is 10.75GHz, which differs from all previous settings in the drivers.  The polarity is also linear only.  The specs for my LNBf (which is a common configuration for most US Ku Band LNBfs--with the noise figure differing between 0.3dB, 0.5dB, 0.6dB and 0.7dB depending on the maker) are here: http://www.dmsiusa.com/xtreme2_specs.htm

Please add support for this type of LNB.

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