[linux-dvb] Questions regarding the twinhan card.

Wei Weng wweng at kencast.com
Fri Jan 13 19:36:01 CET 2006


I am doing development with twinhan card on a linux fedora core 3 box 
(with kernel 2.6.12). I have the following problems:

1: dvb driver is not loaded upon boot. bttv driver is loaded 
automatically, but not the dvb_bt8xx driver.

2: After booting, I tried to manually insert the driver by 
/sbin/modprobe dvb_bt8xx, the driver was installed and I can /sbin/lsmod 
and see it in the list, but only "demux0  dvr0  net0" are in my 
/dev/dvb/adapter0/ directory. There is no frontend or audio/video device 

Any help is appreciated.


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