[linux-dvb] how to use a DVB-s card which support several types of modulation

genpix gen_pix at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 13 22:08:57 CET 2006

sorry for double post (somehow my previous message was posted as a reply to 
other thread; this was not my intention)

I recently developed USB interface to 8psk module (which supports QPSK, 
8PSK, and DCII modulations).
And it's already working under Windows XP.
I want to write a driver for Linux systems as well.
Though, reading the DVB API ver. 4 I have an impression that only one 
modulation type is supported for DVB-s cards (QPSK).
There is no field where I could set a desired modulation type.
Only FEC, Symbol Rate, and Freq. are evailable. But this is not enough for 
Is there a way to use a DVB-s card wich supports multiple modulation types 
(whithout rewriting the code from ground up)?


PS: please be easy on me. I'm not a guru in C++ programming.
The answer like "Just create an object based on already existing DVB-s type" 
simply does not work for me.
I need something on the "dummy level" :) 

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