[linux-dvb] Does there exist a DVB-S card with CI that works on Linux

Dominique Dumont domi.dumont at free.fr
Sat Jan 14 09:45:31 CET 2006

Jesper Taxbøl <jesper at taxboel.dk> writes:

> I would very much like to hear from people who have used a DVB-S
> card with CI.

I use a Hauppauge NOVA-CI S with an SCM CAM and vdr for french TPS
(viaccess). It works quite well, with few hiccups.

I am not very satisfied with the SCM CAM as it crashes once or twice a
week. I will probably replace it with an Aston CAM.

There's also the problem of handling the CI from the dvb
application. As far as I know:
- vdr handles CI of Hauppauge or Technotrend cards (low level CI API)
  but does not support Twinhan clones (high level CI API)
- high level CI API is still in development. Some dvb application are
  beginning to implement it (may be vlc or kaffeine ?).


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