[linux-dvb] Avermedia 777 DVB-T

Hartmut Hackmann hartmut.hackmann at t-online.de
Sun Jan 15 02:13:15 CET 2006


Jose Alberto Reguero wrote:
> El Jueves, 12 de Enero de 2006 23:24, Hartmut Hackmann escribió:
>>snaker wrote:
>>>I read about it in v4l at redhat[1] and try with these patch but it seem
>>>not run.
>>>snaker wrote:
>>>>anybody have runnig avermedia 777 DVB-T ?
>>>>everything what I have tried until now has not worked, its true that i
>>>>dont have much idea of DVB but searching for google i dont found much
>>>>I had compiled cvs modules of linux4linux and nothing.
>>>>anybody have idea?
>>>>i attach some info of my card and system.
>>Looks like currently nobody is working on it. The point is that it uses
>>an unusual chip combination. As far as I know:
>>SAA7134, TDA9886(7), MT352, tuner is TD1316.
>>All these components are supported, just the combination needs to be
>>implemented (though MT352 causes some trouble).
>>I don't have a card to test and - to be honest - other priorities. So
>>you should not rely on me in this case, i will yust be able to give
>>some hints.
>>Best regards
>>    Hartmut
> I am interested to work in this driver.
> Can you give to me the hints you have?
> Thanks.
> Jose Alberto
Ok, you need to do the following:

analog section:
- add a card ID macro to saa7134.h
   Please take care that the macro name is descriptive.
- add an entry at the end of the saa7134_boards array in saa7134-cards.c
   most entries are pretty self descriptive.
   - you get the tuner type from tuner.h
   - audio_clock reflects the crystal for the saa7134 on the board. ( the
     small metal component.
     use 0x00200000 for a 24.576 MHz crystal and 0x00187de7 for 32.11 MHz
   - for the TD1316 tuner, you will need the TDA9887_PRESENT flag.
   - you need an inputs entry for each input of the card.
     .vmux values are valid from 0 to 3, add 8 for s-video
     .amux can be LINE1, LINE2 or TV
     you can find the values by try and error.
- add an entry in the saa7134_pci_tbl in saa7134-cards.c. You should insert
   it right before the entries for cards without eeprom. You need to enter
   the .subvendor and .subdevice entries that are reported by lspci for your
You might need to add code in this file for remote control and initialization
to analog mode. We don't know yet, but you might have a look at the
SAA7134_BOARD_PHILIPS_EUROPA label in saa7134_board_init2(). You might need
something similar.
Now your card is autodetected and analog should work. Test!

digital section:
First get the documentation for the MT352. You will need it.
The file you need to modify is saa7134-dvb.c and probably mt352.c.
You can take the code for the Pinnacle 3001 as an example, but you will
need to modify it.
- first you need an entry in the dvb_init function and a data structure
   for the mt352_attach() function.
- the code for the td1316 tuner is there. The IF frequency most probably
   is 36.167 MHz.
- There must be something on your board that switches the AGC between
   analog and digital mode. This often is a 4052 analog multiplexer,
   controlled by some GPIO pin. I would guess it is one on the pins
   of the tda9886(7).
 From here on, you need to find things out yourself.

Good luck

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