[linux-dvb] Avermedia 777 DVB-T

Ole Reinartz ole.reinartz at gmx.de
Sun Jan 15 16:42:28 CET 2006

Hartmut Hackmann schrieb:

> Ok, you need to do the following:
> analog section:
> - add a card ID macro to saa7134.h
>   Please take care that the macro name is descriptive.
> - add an entry at the end of the saa7134_boards array in saa7134-cards.c
>   most entries are pretty self descriptive.
>   - you get the tuner type from tuner.h
>   - audio_clock reflects the crystal for the saa7134 on the board. ( the
>     small metal component.
>     use 0x00200000 for a 24.576 MHz crystal and 0x00187de7 for 32.11 MHz
>   - for the TD1316 tuner, you will need the TDA9887_PRESENT flag.
>   - you need an inputs entry for each input of the card.
>     .vmux values are valid from 0 to 3, add 8 for s-video
>     .amux can be LINE1, LINE2 or TV
>     you can find the values by try and error.
> - add an entry in the saa7134_pci_tbl in saa7134-cards.c. You should 
> insert
>   it right before the entries for cards without eeprom. You need to enter
>   the .subvendor and .subdevice entries that are reported by lspci for 
> your
>   card.
> You might need to add code in this file for remote control and 
> initialization
> to analog mode. We don't know yet, but you might have a look at the
> SAA7134_BOARD_PHILIPS_EUROPA label in saa7134_board_init2(). You might 
> need
> something similar.
> Now your card is autodetected and analog should work. Test!

just got that part running. At least one of the composite inputs works. 
Don't know about sound, though.
To get on with the mt352 I need its i2c- bus and -address. I expect it 
at the bus of the saa7134 (bus 0 in my case) and at the address 0x0f.
Jose, you once posted an i2c dump of a working setup of the mt352 on 
this list. What address did you use?


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