[linux-dvb] Digital-Everywhere FireDTV & FloppyDTV

Fredrik xmltv at axnet.nu
Mon Jan 16 15:14:58 CET 2006

Apparently Digital-Everywhere had intentions of releasing Linux 2.6
kernel drivers for their very interesting looking products
FireDTV & FloppyDTV (http://www.digital-everywhere.com/).

But now, it seems that Digital-Everywhere have no intention on
finishing their Linux driver:

"Linux is not in our internal roadmap. we have a linux driver subset
that follow Linux DVB API 3.0 and should support FireDTV/FLoppyDTV
(all versions) as it is with less modification effort for Free to air
and also the remote control. CI part has to be updated completed."

On their forum there have been several proposals to release the
existing code under GPL, and it would be great if somebody, that feel
that they have time and interest enough to have a look at the code,
and/or help pushing for releasing it under GPL. They explicitly
expresses that they are interested in releasing it to developers:

"We would release our linux drivers and also documenation to linux
developers, but will not do the effort by Digital Everywhere."

Interested parties should have a look at the thread in their forum:



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