[linux-dvb] Howto DiSEqC on cx24123 with isl6421 ?

Horst J. Wobig hjwd at wobig.de
Tue Jan 17 09:28:05 CET 2006


I've got a wintv nova-s plus (pci), but the diseqc isn't implemented in
the driver. I've tried Vadim Catana's patch for cx24123 based cards
(didn't work for the hauppauge nova-s plus) but on a closer look I
discovered that lnb control is done by an isl6421. I've looked up
the specs for the 6421, but this chip seems to handle voltage/tone
only. The actual DiSEqC message has to be entered via an input pin of
the 6421.

RANT: Specs for the nova-s plus / cx24123 seem to be top-secret

Any suggestions or have I to wait until some kind soul (Steve Toth?)
with deeper insight does the work?



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