[linux-dvb] [PATCH] dst_ca: ca_info and application_info

Henrik Sjoberg hsjo at epact.se
Tue Jan 17 10:09:40 CET 2006

> On Mon, 2006-01-09 at 14:33 +0100, Henrik Sjoberg wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Today, application info can be enquired from the dst_ca ca using the
>> CA_APP_INFO_ENQUIRY. However, the answer which is returned is the raw
>> of the answer from the HW and not formatted as described in EN-50221.
(Which is probably why there is a "only for debugging"-comment in the code).
>> I have made patch which
>> 1. Restructures the answer from CA_APP_INFO_ENQUIRY to conform with
application_info (EN50221:1997, p.28).
>> 2. Adds support for CA Info Enquiry, conforming to EN50221:1997, p.29.
Since this will break dst_test -a, a patch is also needed for dvb-apps to
>> correct dst_test for application info and add support for ca info. It
would be great if anyone more familiar with the specs. could take a look
at it and see if it looks ok. It would also be good to have some testing
from some Twinhan CI-card users as well.
> I'm really happy to see someone pick up on the twinhan ci code. As soon
as I find some time I will try this out and proof-read the code
> somewhat. And if it turns out to be correct I'll update vlc to handle
the correct app info, and use the ca info as well.
> Where did you get the magic command? And do you have commands for
remaining en50221 objects? I'm particularly interrested in the mmi parts.
> Regards,
> Sigmund

I have implemented a rudimentary HLCI support for mythtv and the structure
there needed the ca_info to be implemented in the driver.

By 'magic command' I assume you mean command to the hardware. I discovered
that all information that was needed for the ca_info was present in the
request for the slots_caps.

For the mmi commands I can not help you much for now on how to access it
in the hardware. Maybe Manu can be of assistance?


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