[linux-dvb] Cinergy T2

Patrick Fischer patrick_fischer at gmx.de
Thu Jan 19 13:52:19 CET 2006

I have some Problems with my two CinergyT2 Devices.
Many a time I can't receiver any channel and sometimes the device seems 
to freeze.
If it is freeze there is no change until reboot the system. (can't 
unload the modul)

I'm using the driver from Kernel 2.6.15.

After I have reported this problem a few weeks ago the developer told me 
that maybe my USB Port has not enough power. So I have tested it with an 
active USB2 Hub. No change could observed.

This nerved while I'm develop some Plugins for VDR.
Is it possible to get some more debug output?

(btw a friend told me about the same problem)


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