[linux-dvb] Digital-Everywhere FireDTV & FloppyDTV

Andreas Öman andreas at olebyn.nu
Thu Jan 19 21:36:20 CET 2006

Fredrik wrote:
> Apparently Digital-Everywhere had intentions of releasing Linux 2.6
> kernel drivers for their very interesting looking products
> FireDTV & FloppyDTV (http://www.digital-everywhere.com/).
> "We would release our linux drivers and also documenation to linux
> developers, but will not do the effort by Digital Everywhere."

Any takers on this? Judging from the web/pdfs i think these devices 
looks quite good. I'm personally looking for a non-PCI device with 
CI-support (USB, FireWire, whatever). Being a programmer (both 
professionally and for fun) for many years i'll be glad to finish this 
driver, though i havent written any linux DVB drivers (yet), so i guess 
there'll be a slight learning period before i can actually come up with 
something that works.

I havent found any other external DVB receivers with CI support (atleast 
not for with linux support), or have i not looked close enough?


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