[linux-dvb] CNN on Astra2 - repeated packets

jp jaypee at hotpop.com
Tue Jan 24 17:43:18 CET 2006

I'm using a hauppauge satellite with the stv0299 frontend.
Every night I see a burst of around 4000 repeated pkts from
CNN's video pid (2313).
I've instrumented dvbstream to output to syslog when I see a continuity
error. and get an output like this
dvbstream[9837]: Bad cont (multiplex 1, card 0) expected 7 got 0, on pid
dvbstream[9837]: Bad cont (multiplex 1, card 0) expected 1 got 0, on
        pid 2313
last message repeated 8913 times
dvbstream[9837]: Bad cont (multiplex 1, card 0) expected 1 got 12, on
        pid 2313
The 8913 repeated packets have 0 as a continuity counter and all the 184
data bytes are 0 too.
This happens a few times a day. They occur at the same time on two boxes
at opposite ends of the UK. 
Is this really in the stream from the satellite?
Has anyone else seen this before? I couldn't see anything like it in the
mailing list.
If it is from the sat what purpose does it serve?
This really has me scratching my head. It doesn't happen on any other
stream AFAIK.
CNN is @ 12051000 on Astra 2. can anyone tune to this and confirm
what I'm seeing either with a stv0299 or some other sat card?
Any idears? Many thanks,

jp <jaypee at hotpop.com>

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