[linux-dvb] new/unsupported usb device 1498/9206

Patrick Boettcher patrick.boettcher at desy.de
Wed Jan 25 14:56:23 CET 2006


On Wed, 25 Jan 2006, DAniele Gobbetti wrote:
> I just bought a usb 2.0 dvb-T tuner (claimed on ebay to be "fully
> Linux/VDR supported") but can't get it to work.

Hmm.... ebay...

> Interesting infos are coming out of the .sys file from the windows
> driver: because i dunno how to extract the "right" parts for creating a
> linux firmware (can someone follow me in the process? I'm willing to
> contribute!) I basically lurked into it for some meaningful strings and
> my finds follows:
> --8<--excerpt from .sys file--8<--
> Try Dibcom3000MC - Error when reading the DiBccom device ID (Read value
> 0x%x)
> ^@Vendor ID 0x%x
> Try Dibcom3000P - Error when reading the DiBccom device ID (Read value
> 0x%x)
> DiBccom device ID (Read value %x)
> Device ID= 0x%x
> DiB3000MC device detected
> DiB3000P device detected
> This driver cannot be used to control the DiB3000MB
> Please use  the appropriate driver for that
> No DiBcom device detected
> --8<--
> I guess these are good news.

The strings in the driver do not tell you much about the real hardware 
inside.. Do you have a picture of the device somewhere? Can you open the 
device and have a look at the ICs used?

Indeed there is/will be a device around with ULI USB bridge and DiBcom 
demodulator, but I don't know when.

> Additionally the file is named M920XBDA_USB2DTV.sys and it could be used
> as well for the M9205 and M9207.

The problem is, that the ULI USB bridge is not supported by OpenSource 
drivers. When they claim Linuxsupport, they maybe provide a binary driver 
or it was just a marketing gag :).

Sorry to tell you that,

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