[linux-dvb] Support for MT2060

Raphaël G.z raphou7 at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jan 25 17:42:37 CET 2006

I done it, I joined the sniff I recorded when I plug the tuner.


> Hi Raphael,
> On Sun, 15 Jan 2006, Raphaël G.z wrote:
>> A lot of USB DVB-T Tuner use the MT2060 tuner, have a look on the wiki

>> ed_on_the_DiB3000M-C.2FP.29
>> Why there is no support for this tuner?
> No one knows how to program it correctly and the manufacturer is not 
> interested in supporting the Operating System Linux in any way.
Couldn't be possible to sniff the usb bus on windows with tools like 
usbsnoop ?

Also because we have a working implementation for others mt20xx tuners, 
couldn't we know a bit of the protocol used ?


[1] http://benoit.papillault.free.fr/usbsnoop/

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