[linux-dvb] DBV on the Lifeview Trio

Nico Sabbi nicola_sabbi at fastwebnet.it
Thu Jan 26 21:28:30 CET 2006

hermann pitton wrote:

>>indeed replacing the original philips_tiger_pll_set() with the above one 
>>almost all my problems: I can tune almost every frequency used here, except
>>all VHF ones.
>>I can't even complain of poor reception quality: it seems to be almost 
>>as reliable as
>>with my Airstar2 :)
>>I wonder why Lifeview ships drivers with "Europa" labels in the INF 
>>file: initialiazing
>>the card as "europa" it doesn't work in linux as it doesn't work in 
>>windows! :)
>Nice kick start :)

To sum it all up attached is the patch that I'm using.
Currently there are 3 problems:
- VHF doesn't tune, although signal strength is high
- frequencies 794 and 802 don't tune (many above and below do tune),
signal strength is high.
I noticed that  these 2 frequencies are handled by this entry in 
{ .lomax = 780000000, .svco = 2, .spd = 0, .scr = 1, .sbs = 4, .gc3 = 0},
is it possible that there's an error in it?
- radio: some stations can be found, but even though I played with the 
mixer (using kmix)
I can't hear anything.

All the rest seems to be working fine :)


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