[linux-dvb] DBV on the Lifeview Trio

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at email.it
Fri Jan 27 00:16:55 CET 2006

Hartmut Hackmann wrote:



> Ah, Good! So the problem lies in the config file for your region.
> Thanks a lot that you informed us immedeately, this saved me from
> some work!
> Will you check the change in?
> Best regards
>    Hartmut

I don't have cvs access.
BTW, I noticed that in  philips_tiger_dvb_mode() you send a message to

struct i2c_msg msg = {.addr=0x08, .flags=0, .buf=data, .len = sizeof(data)};

Is  .addr the address of the demodulator? (in my case 0x9) ?



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