[Fwd: Re: [linux-dvb] dvb-t stream in mpeg-4]

Mario Rossi mariofutire at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 4 11:30:37 CEST 2006

>if you compiled vlc with a recent ffmpeg svn (2 or 3 days ago), you .
>could try this in vlc :
>then input/codec->other codecs->ffmpeg
>check advanced options and select ALL for skip the loop filter for h264

I've tried it, but I cannot see any difference.
I'm trying with latest ffmpeg svn and vlc 0.8.5.
I'm in London and BBC HD only shows the first frame, while ITV HD
shows very noisy images for a couple of seconds and then it crashes.

So far, what is the best way to see the new DVB HD? vlc, mplayer or
some other combination?



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