[linux-dvb] TT 1400 DVB-S Budget with different PCI ID's

Michael Krufky mkrufky at m1k.net
Wed Jun 7 01:23:50 CEST 2006

Oliver Endriss wrote:

>Helmut Auer wrote:
>>Michael Krufky schrieb:
>>>Helmut Auer wrote:
>>>>I have a TT S1400  which does not match the entry in the modules.pcimap.
>>>>Instead of:
>>>>budget               0x00001131 0x00007146 0x000013c2 0x00001016 
>>>>0x00000000 0x00000000 0x0
>>>>it reports the following:
>>>>Vendor 0x00001131 - Device 0x00007146 - Subvendor: 0x00000133 - 
>>>>Subdevice: 0x00001000
>>>>After patching budget.c this device works fine now !
>>>Please generate a patch and submit it to the list, so that we can add it 
>>>to the official repository, along with your developer's certificate of 
>>>origin, in the form:
>Are you sure that 0x0133:0x1000 is a _valid_ subvendor id?
>Imho we must not add ids of broken cards to the repository.

I apologize.  Perhaps I acted too fast on this patch.  This thread was 
sitting on the list since yesterday, and it seemed trivial enough to 
me.  I understand that people are busy, and don't always have the time 
to review every patch on the list.  This one looked fine to me, so I 
thought I was saving everybody some time by pushing it through.  I hate 
to see patches like these get lost, and it does happen quite often.

Back to the point:  I don't think this patch causes any harm.  I did, 
however, look up 0x0133 in the pci-id database ( 
http://pciids.sourceforge.net ) and found nothing.  Does that mean that 
this card is "broken" ?

Perhaps the eeprom contents got corrupted somehow, resulting in faulty 
data?  If that is the case, then yes, I would have to agree that the 
patch doesn't belong in our repository.  But what if there are more 
cards with this subsystem id?  If so, then I wouldn't call it "broken" 
at all.

The changeset has already been merged into v4l-dvb master (changeset 
ba9ee31a73f6), but I can have it reverted if that is your preference.  
What do you think?


Michael Krufky

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