[linux-dvb] DiBcom 3000P clone device

Patrick Boettcher patrick.boettcher at desy.de
Wed Jun 7 08:55:01 CEST 2006

Hi Forin,

On Tue, 6 Jun 2006, Florin Mihut wrote:
>                 I have a USB DVB device. Unfortunately I got this as 
>         bulk and I have no idea about the producer/vendor.
>                 lsusb will provide the IDs 1584:60ff and 1584:6000 
>         (cold/warm).
>                 Since I saw in Windows (from the inf files) that the 
>         device might be based on DiBcom MOD3000P1, I tried to add the 
>         ID's in the header files and to declare it as making part from 
>         the same group like DiBcom USB2.0 devices (inserted IDs in 
>         dvb-usb-ids.h and declared in dibusb-mc.c as "DiBcom USB2.0 
>         DVB-T clone MOD3000 (SATE)"). Everything looks fine, I compile 
>         it and install it.
>                 When I insert the device I can see this:

>         I know that might sound crazy but what is wrong there? How can I
>         really see if the driver and firmware are correctly loaded? If
>         the driver says "Fond a DiBcom 3000P" what it means, did it
>         check for 3000P and the device responded that it has such chip? 

Maybe your initial tuning data :) .

'found 3000P' really means it was able to read the ID from the chip which 
in this case give the 3000P. It could be a lot of things why it is not 
working. Do you have a picture somewhere?


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