[linux-dvb] VP702x is now working

Patrick Boettcher patrick.boettcher at desy.de
Thu Jun 8 08:45:06 CEST 2006


finally I was able to find the clue to make the StarBox work .  Sorry for 
taking so long, but I was too busy doing other things.

However the VP702x-firmware is not so simple to program - there are a lot 
of traps which are very easy to step into - and I took them all. Working 
on it can be described as in Indy3 the second exercise in the temple he 
gets the Gral: but without knowing how to write "Jehova" .

It took several weekends and since Monday I'm using the box daily with 
VDR. No problems so far with Astra 19.2

It can be found here, for all of you who want to test.


Most likely the driver will only deliver data, when you use it together 
with the StarBox2: According to Twinhan only with that revision you can 
receive the whole TS (so disabling the PID filter). The older revision has 
a PID filter of 8 entries - I had some problem when using it with VDR so 
this PID filtering mechanism is currently not activated. Everything for 
that is inside the vp702x.c - in case someone wants to work on that and 
can do something without breaking support for the StarBox2.

I couldn't test diseqc, too, but the code is inside vp702x-fe.c . 

The firmware has also changed, during this day I will put the new one to 
http://www.thadathil.net/dvb/fw/ .

best regards,

  Mail: patrick.boettcher at desy.de
  WWW:  http://www.wi-bw.tfh-wildau.de/~pboettch/

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