[linux-dvb] Artec T1 -> Tuning failed : a suggestion

Alan alan.crevon at wanadoo.fr
Sat Jun 10 10:39:37 CEST 2006


Ok, i tried this, and it didn't work.

feinfo informed me my frequency stepsize was 62.500 so i generated a list  
of frequencies to scan, using the first line of fr-Rouen (i assumed the  
only wrong parameter was the frequency) from the lowest frequency my card  
could scan to the highest one, using 62.500 steps... 10 hours latter, i  
didn't get anything. :(

My dear friends who have the same problem with this bloody Artec T1, don't  
waste your time with that.

I've been told on irc that there must be somthing wrong in the source  
code, something related to pll, maybe, but i don't know anything about  
coding, so i can't do anything myself...

So far, i didn't do anything usefull and i don't see what more i can do to  
be able to tune channels... That means that until one of you guys find a  
way to correct this error, my card is useless... I hope someone will make  
it, i give up.

Good luck gentlemen, and once again, thanks for all your hard work.


On Fri, 09 Jun 2006 12:42:00 +0300, Alan <alan.crevon at wanadoo.fr> wrote:

> hi all
> i am trying to scan for dvb-t channels with this blody Artec T1 with no  
> luck (the error message at the bottom of this mail) and googling around,  
> i found i was not the only one with this problem, and many cinergyT2  
> users had this very problem. It has been solved for them using a simple  
> trick.
> In cynergy2t.c, someone noticed this :
> .frequency_min = 174000000,
> .frequency_max = 862000000,
> .frequency_stepsize = 166667,
> He rounded the stepsize to 167000, and added 167000 to each frequency to  
> scan. (I.e. : in fr-Rouen, "T 538000000 8MHz 2/3 NONE QAM64 8k 1/32  
> NONE" became " T 538167000 8MHz 2/3 NONE QAM64 8k 1/32 NONE ") and then  
> scanning worked just fine.
> Of course, i tried the same trick, and of course it didn't work. I am  
> not a developper AT ALL, i don't understand anything in technical  
> stuffs, but i think that, maybe, such a thing is also possible with my  
> device. The point is : where is the equivalent to the frequency_stepsize  
> value for my device  (dmesg output at the end of the mail)?
> Best regards
> alan.

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