[linux-dvb] ubuntu dapper & v4l-dvb-stk3000p

Simone Orcioni sim at deit.univpm.it
Sat Jun 10 14:20:09 CEST 2006

Sorry if you have just read this question on the IRC channel.

I have the LiteOn USB DVB-T TV Tuner (rebranded Toshiba). Last march I 
have patched by hand the dvb-usb driver files as proposed by Olivier 
DANET. I was using a 2.6.15 kernel and ubuntu 5.10 and all has been 
working fine.

But now on ubuntu 6.06 (dapper) with the v4l-dvb-stk3000p-e5798f307b00 
patches, the linux sources from the distro and the old firmware files at 
the right places (? /lib/hotplug/firmware/ and /lib/modules/<version> ) 
the tuner seems dead. have someone had a similar problem?
thanks for your attention


P.S. (make and make install worked fine, I have had only to bar, with 
the make menuconfig, the SN9C102 driver that didn't compile)
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