[linux-dvb] Using multiple inputs at once stopped working after updating drivers

Brett Jones brettjones at ozemail.com.au
Sun Jun 11 04:52:19 CEST 2006

Hi all,

Just found an intersting problem. 

Up until about 4 weeks ago i've been running 2 Nebula Digi TV cards
using the precompiled kernel with Mandriva 2006. Everything was working
fine and I could record from both the DVB input and the composite input

I added a Tevion DVB card which needed the latest HG based drivers and
got that working. However now I am unable to record from the DVB and
composite inputs on the Nebula or Tevion cards at the same time.

After modprobing the nxt6000 and dvb-bt8xx modules i can scan channels
and everything works. If i use tvtime or myth etc for the composite
input I can no longer scan correctly and doesn't lock. femon will show
no BERs at all when it goes to this mode. Nothing appears in syslog.

To get it working I have to unload and reload modules and not use the
Composite input.

Any suggestion on how to fix. 

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