[linux-dvb] DIB7000

Christine Slotty christine.slotty at hansenet.de
Tue Jun 13 14:44:07 CEST 2006

Hi Patrick,

many thanks for your reply!

> In my very personal opinion as a hobby linux-developper, I would recommend
> you to give back the device, just because of this answer from Hauppauge.
> Otherwise the vendors will never see how many (paying) linux users are out
> there. Afaik, this is the main argument for companies not to support
> OpenSource/Linux ("[...] Linux only has a market share of 0.05% [...]").
> Maybe it is better to buy from a Taiwanese manufacturer - they at least do
> not simply say "No" when asking for linux-drivers, but try to support you.

I guess you're right, basically, but on the other hand there is the challenge 
to make things work the Linux-way.......

Hopefully, by sending requests to the manufacturers - like I did - eventually 
they might notice that there IS a "market" for Linux drivers.... so I 
personally would at least ask any Linux user to get on the manufacturers' 
nerves - at least in the situation that I am in, sitting here accidentally 
with a device that I thought was already supported.

In the first run, I wouldn't have bought this device if I had known about the 

And one more aspect: I guess you're kind of fed up with the situation as it 
is, but on the other hand you might want to realize what a power you have by 
being able to write device drivers for Linux!

Commercial manufacturers of devices (and alternative OS's, like the Redmond 
one...) will be surprised by the power that Linux and its developers and 
users will have one day - I'm very sure of that.

> However, I promised to discuss with DiBcom to release the component
> drivers for 7000 and 700 (USB) so that it is possible to write support
> devices based on that (which is the case for this Hauppauge device and
> others very soon).
> Result: it is only a question of time now, to get the software ready to be
> released, although I cannot give you any exact date. The drivers are more
> or less ready, I will announce it here, when something is there for
> testing.

That's great! Don't hesitate to contact me for testing, as soon as you have 
anything to be tested.

Best regards,

P.S.: And now I hope this email gets to the right places (as an answer to your 
post), as today it's the first time I'm using this list and I hope I 
responded the right way. ;-)

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