[linux-dvb] Tuning problems Divco Fusion 5 lite

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Tue Jun 13 19:57:20 CEST 2006

Doug Wiltanger wrote:
> I'm not sure if i'm posting to the right list or not.   But I've 
> pretty much
> exhausted my trouble shooting skills so I thought I'd see if someone 
> might
> be able to help.
> I have the card mentioned and can't get any clean steams out of it.  
> Every
> single channel comes accross with lots of artifacts.   Only other HD 
> tuner
> in the house is the Time Warner HD PVR and it works fine.   I've given 
> this
> card as much signal as I possibly can. Yes, this is cable and it's an
> unencrypted signal.
> I'm primarily trying to set this up in MythTV but even steams captured
> straight from dvr0 are not right.  As far as I can tell with azap I'm
> getting things right..
> [azap snipped]
> an example of the output is here -> 
> http://www.wiltanger.com/hdtv/title3.avi
> (re-encoded to save bandwidth) original source
> http://www.wiltanger.com/hdtv/test.mpg
> I just don't know what to look for next.  Is it just a bum card?  Or is
> there something else I can do?  I'm running cvs  v4l-dvb from today.
Based on your problem description, I don't think that the driver is the 
problem. here.  It seems that you are experiencing a weak signal.  I 
too, was experiencing problems like this before I purchased a drop-amp, 
but the driver DOES work.

I recommend that you test the card using the windows driver... You will 
probably notice the same problems.  There is one difference, 
however...   The windows driver uses DxVA for the mpeg decoding.  This 
isn't always possible when using linux, due to the proprietary video 
drivers out there.  :-(

So, unfortunately, I dont think your situation can be helped without 
amplifying the signal.


Michael Krufky

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