[linux-dvb] scan with LNBs behind an uncommitted switch

Michael Müllner m.muellner at gmx.at
Wed Jun 14 18:23:39 CEST 2006

Yeasah Pell schrieb:
> Ohhh -- so CASCADED switches, eh? Now you say! :-)
> That'd be a bit more work, since both uncommitted and committed 
> commands would have to be sent, and sent in the right order, with a 
> delay between them. The patch I sent just lets you control either a 
> committed switch OR an uncommitted switch, not both. Changing it so 
> that the -S arg takes an integer argument would let you send both 
> commands, and then there'd need to be a way to specify the order of 
> the switches. Pretty simple, but I'm out of time to play around with 
> patches ATM.
Ok, no problem maybe someone else can help, me dont have a clue in 
programming so i cant help myself :)


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