[linux-dvb] Freecom (WideView) DVB-T USB Sample MPEG?

Patrick Boettcher patrick.boettcher at desy.de
Thu Jun 15 18:10:15 CEST 2006


On Thu, 15 Jun 2006, Gavin Hamill wrote:
> > I guess that if the dvb-t stream is simply grabbed as is and sent to
> > the pc then all dvb-t cards would be the same picture quality, but
> > from what I have seen this is not always the case.. so id really like
> > to see a sample (especially one from a linux user).
> I have no idea 'what you've seen', but you are correct in thinking the data is
> the same irrelevant of the device. The only thing that would discern devices
> is how they well they cope with low /poor quality signal inputs, and possibly
> the quality of the Windows software (which for a cheap device, will be equally
> cheap) if that's all you've used to date.

I think this is the case.

And additionally PC Magazines (even the ones with a very professional 
reputation), which are sometimes doing tests with different DVB-T 
receivers, are using the picture (!!!) quality of the bundled 
(Windows)-software as an indicator for specifying the quality and thus the 
test results.

IMHO this misleads the normal user to such assumptions. There are 
more sophisticated ways to get comparible results.


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