[linux-dvb] How to access /dev/videoK from /dev/dvb/adapterN?

Kenneth Aafløy kaa at aafloy.net
Fri Jun 16 23:18:32 CEST 2006

Gavin Hamill skrev:
 > On Fri, 16 Jun 2006 16:51:24 -0400
 > Michael Krufky <mkrufky at linuxtv.org> wrote:
 >> In Klaus's case, he wants to create a relation between the dvb 
device and the v4l device on FF cards.  I agree with the idea, but in
 >> addition, I would also like a relation drawn between dvb and video
 >> interfaces on hybrid cards that provide separate functionality of v4l
 >> inputs vs dvb inputs, where only one function may be used at a time.
 > Given that, at present, VDR simply wants to find a FF card, it would
 > probably be adequate for VDR to enumerate all elements of
 > /sys/class/video4linux/videoN/name until it finds one called 'av7110' -
 > a little low-tech but might just be adequate :)

Mm, yea, but...

  * It does not work on pre /sys kernels
  * It does not work with the cases that Michael presented in his last 
  * It could will break if you have more than one card called 'av7110'?



Gavin, sorry about the reply, it was supposed to go to the list.

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