[linux-dvb] AverMedia USB DVB-T Volar

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo jose at tribulaciones.org
Sun Jun 18 01:08:43 CEST 2006

Changing IDs, as Eduardo Bellido suggested in his mail, makes the device
to be detected, but firmware cannot be loaded:

Jun 18 00:38:47 gimli kernel: dvb-usb: downloading firmware from file
Jun 18 00:38:47 gimli kernel: dvb-usb: could not stop the USB controller
Jun 18 00:38:47 gimli kernel: dvb-usb: error while transferring firmware
(transferred size: -32, block size: 16)
Jun 18 00:38:47 gimli kernel: dvb-usb: firmware download failed at 21
with -22
Jun 18 00:38:47 gimli kernel: dvb_usb_a800: probe of 4-3:1.0 failed with
error -22

  It seems that a new firmware is also needed to make this stick work.
  The changes I have made are not compatible with normal a800 driver work,
as I have changed defaut IDs. The diff is:

diff -r 433c7cc16c79 linux/drivers/media/dvb/dvb-usb/dvb-usb-ids.h
--- a/linux/drivers/media/dvb/dvb-usb/dvb-usb-ids.h     Sat Jun 17 08:52:30 2006 -0300
+++ b/linux/drivers/media/dvb/dvb-usb/dvb-usb-ids.h     Sun Jun 18 01:08:19 2006 +0200
@@ -38,8 +38,8 @@
 #define USB_PID_ADSTECH_USB2_WARM                      0xa334
 #define USB_PID_AVERMEDIA_DVBT_USB_COLD                0x0001
 #define USB_PID_AVERMEDIA_DVBT_USB_WARM                0x0002
-#define USB_PID_AVERMEDIA_DVBT_USB2_COLD       0xa800
-#define USB_PID_AVERMEDIA_DVBT_USB2_WARM       0xa801
+#define USB_PID_AVERMEDIA_DVBT_USB2_COLD       0xb808
+#define USB_PID_AVERMEDIA_DVBT_USB2_WARM       0xb809
 #define USB_PID_COMPRO_DVBU2000_COLD           0xd000
 #define USB_PID_COMPRO_DVBU2000_WARM           0xd001
 #define USB_PID_COMPRO_DVBU2000_UNK_COLD       0x010c


Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo
   jsogo at debian.org

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