[linux-dvb] cinergyT2 problems

Dyks, Axel (XL) xl at xlsigned.net
Mon Jun 19 08:58:37 CEST 2006

Foo Bar wrote:
> Hi,
> I did some more tests, but still couldn't resolve my problem.
>> Looks like the hub is disconnected before the device! Can you rule out
>> hardware/power problems?
> Tried it with and without hub and also with different cables. After
> that I tried
> using the device with mediaportal on Windows XP and no such problems
> surfaced in either configuration, so it should be pretty safe to assume
> that
> there is no hardware problem at hand.
>> Maybe you should consider updating to a more recent kernel version
> I am using kernel now, but it did not make any difference.
>> Furthermore it might make sense to eliminate "input layer problems" by
>> simply building the module without RC support.
> I did this, too, but after the random disconnects I still can't use my
> keyboard anymore.
> Does anyone have any other ideas or hints?

Does this only happen when you are using "mplayer"?

You could try to use "vlc" for playback ...
... but note that I've recently posted a patch for the
cinergyT2 driver that significantly reduces "system load"
when doing non-blocking IO on the frontend device --
which is what "vlc" does.


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