[linux-dvb] Pc hangs-up if I unload drivers once dvbtune has lock trasponder or if I use "ifconfig down"

Daniel García pumukite at yahoo.es
Mon Jun 19 12:59:59 CEST 2006

Hi All

I'm using dvbtune and linuxtv-1.1.1 to receive data PIDs, I create dvb interfaces with -n option of dvbtune and I later assing IP addresses to dvb0_0 dvb0_1 and so on.

Sometimes, I need to start from clean, I mean ifconfig down all dvb*_* interfaces and start again with dvbtune .... -n ..., however, if I do this, or unload the drivers, the machine hungs-up. Is there any way to avoid this?? I mean, to stop reception of packets in a fair way.
Please help me!!
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