[linux-dvb] Fusion 3 Gold (18ac:d800)

Big Daddy u238bigdaddy at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 19 23:39:11 CEST 2006

>Big Daddy wrote:
>>Actually, going back and looking at the thread, Todd said he had the 
>>FusionHDTV II , which is a different card.
>>To me, it looks like the FusionHDTV3 Gold and Gold-Q use both the same 
>>chipsets and should be quite similar to each other in regards to getting 
>>them to work unless the GPIO programming is different as someone pointed 
>>out. As far as that goes, that's way above my league of understanding :)
>>Am I mistaken?
>No, *I* am mistaken, LOL ....  I had completely misread your email.  Did 
>you try the patch in your quoted email?  The only reason that it hasnt yet 
>been applied to the repository is because it has not yet been tested.
>You can test it without applying the patch by doing the following:
>modprobe cx88xx card=17
>modprobe cx8800
>modprobe cx8802
>modprobe cx88-dvb
>Does it work?  If so, please let us know, and then we can add that patch 
>into the kernel so that the card may be autodetected by the driver in the 
>Michael Krufky
I did not try the patch that you made, since it was listed as being for the 
FusionHDTV II, which is not the card I have. I'll try the modprobe commands 
you list and see what progress that yields.


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