[linux-dvb] REMOTE - DViCO FusionHDTV DVB-T Dual Digital

Craig Cook cncook001 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 20 12:21:21 CEST 2006

I removed the lirc packages I had installed (
 I couldn't remove them all, so left one alone:
 [mythtv at localhost ~]$ rpm -e lirc-lib-0.8.1-cvs20060325_58.rhfc4.at
 error: Failed dependencies:
         liblirc_client.so.0 is needed by (installed) xawtv-3.95-17.rhfc4.at.i386
         liblirc_client.so.0 is needed by (installed) mplayer-1.0-52_pre7try3.rhfc4.at.i386
         liblirc_client.so.0 is needed by (installed) libmyth-0.19-128.rhfc4.at.i386
         liblirc_client.so.0 is needed by (installed) xine-0.99.4-5.fc4.rf.i386
 and compiled lirc 0.8.0 from source.   Recorded my own lircd.conf as well.
  I had the same problem as Jim.  
 Press the remote button once and get two responses...
 [mythtv at localhost ~]$ irw
 000000000001006a 00 right /etc/lircd.conf
 000000000001006a 00 right /etc/lircd.conf
 I have messed around with repeat/delay settings as well but nothing makes a difference.
 Compiled lirc-0.8.1pre1.tar.bz2 but that has the same issues.
 Then I changed  this line in /etc/lircd.conf
  toggle_bit      1
  toggle_bit      0
 Now I get one reponse back!!!  (Don't ask me what the toggle_bit does, I have no idea, it seems to work now though)
 Time to configure the myth remote settings.
 (I have just sent a copy of my lircd.conf to the lirc project)

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