[linux-dvb] ASUS P7131 DUAL DVB-T enable dvb-t asus p7131 dual + fm saa7134

franck desbois franckdesbois at yahoo.fr
Wed Jun 21 15:07:13 CEST 2006

hello hartmut

 i don't understand very well, cause my english is poor :((

this is the correct channel.conf for paris ( xine and mplayer):


and the correct fr-Paris is ( xine and mplayer):

# Paris - France (DVB-T transmitter of the Eiffel tower)
# T freq bw fec_hi fec_lo mod transmission-mode guard-interval hierarchy
T 474167000 8MHz 2/3 NONE QAM64 8k 1/32 NONE
T 498167000 8MHz 2/3 NONE QAM64 8k 1/32 NONE
T 522167000 8MHz 2/3 NONE QAM64 8k 1/32 NONE
T 562167000 8MHz 2/3 NONE QAM64 8k 1/32 NONE
T 586167000 8MHz 3/4 NONE QAM64 8k 1/8 NONE

however i have an another usb dvb-t card with a firmware dvb-usb-dtt200u-01.fw and any problem without to change my fr-Paris like this:

# Paris - France (DVB-T transmitter of the Eiffel tower)
# T freq bw fec_hi fec_lo mod transmission-mode guard-interval hierarchy
T 474000000 8MHz 2/3 NONE QAM64 8k 1/32 NONE
T 498000000 8MHz 2/3 NONE QAM64 8k 1/32 NONE
T 522000000 8MHz 2/3 NONE QAM64 8k 1/32 NONE
T 562000000 8MHz 2/3 NONE QAM64 8k 1/32 NONE
T 586000000 8MHz 3/4 NONE QAM64 8k 1/8 NONE

i have an another problem my fm-radio don't want to work witht gnomeradio or gradio:((

this is a part of my dmesg:2.6.15-25-k7 ( 25-43) ubuntu 6.06 

[17179588.984000] saa7133[0]: subsystem: 1043:4862, board: ASUSTeK P7131 Dual [c ard=78,autodetected]
[17179588.984000] saa7133[0]: board init: gpio is 40000
[17179588.984000] **** SET: Misaligned resource pointer: f7528e42 Type 07 Len 0
[17179588.984000] ACPI: PCI Interrupt Link [APC4] enabled at IRQ 19
[17179588.984000] ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:03:00.0[A] -> Link [APC4] -> GSI 19 ( level, high) -> IRQ 209
[17179588.984000] NVRM: loading NVIDIA Linux x86 Kernel Module  1.0-8762  Mon Ma y 15 13:06:38 PDT 2006
[17179589.196000] eth1: link up.
[17179589.212000] saa7133[0]: i2c eeprom 00: 43 10 62 48 54 20 1c 00 43 43 a9 1c  55 d2 b2 92
[17179589.212000] saa7133[0]: i2c eeprom 10: 00 01 20 00 ff 20 ff ff ff ff ff ff  ff ff ff ff
[17179589.212000] saa7133[0]: i2c eeprom 20: 01 40 01 02 03 01 01 03 08 ff 00 d6  ff ff ff ff
[17179589.212000] saa7133[0]: i2c eeprom 30: ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff  ff ff ff ff
[17179589.212000] saa7133[0]: i2c eeprom 40: ff 21 00 c2 96 10 03 32 15 00 ff ff  ff ff ff ff
[17179589.212000] saa7133[0]: i2c eeprom 50: ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff  ff ff ff ff
[17179589.212000] saa7133[0]: i2c eeprom 60: ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff  ff ff ff ff
[17179589.212000] saa7133[0]: i2c eeprom 70: ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff  ff ff ff ff
[17179589.336000] tuner 2-004b: chip found @ 0x96 (saa7133[0])
[17179589.336000] tuner-core.c: no tuner extensions loaded!
[17179589.336000] tuner-core.c: no tuner extensions loaded!
[17179589.384000] tuner 2-004b: setting tuner address to 61
[17179589.424000] tuner 2-004b: type set to tda8290+75a
[17179589.488000] saa7133[0]: registered device video1 [v4l2]
[17179589.488000] saa7133[0]: registered device vbi0
[17179589.488000] saa7133[0]: registered device radio0
[17179589.500000] saa7134 ALSA driver for DMA sound loaded
[17179589.500000] saa7133[0]/alsa: saa7133[0] at 0xe8000000 irq 201 registered a s card -1

tv analog doesn't work too :d:d: with tvtime and xawtv
my /etc/modules:

# /etc/modules: kernel modules to load at boot time.
# This file contains the names of kernel modules that should be loaded
# at boot time, one per line. Lines beginning with "#" are ignored.


bye and thank's hartmut

(bertrand si tu as des problèmes pour configurer ta carte, envoies moi un message)

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Hi, Bertand

Bertrand Baudet wrote:
> On Monday 19 June 2006 23:26, hermann pitton wrote:
>>Am Montag, den 19.06.2006, 12:59 +0000 schrieb franck desbois:
>>>i's for your information : 2.6.15-25-k7 ( 2.6.15-25-43) on ubuntu dapper
>>>i want you notify when i install my asus p7131 on another hard disk on
>>>the same computer if i use the mercurial snapshot of linuxtv  v4l-dvb (
>>>hg clone http://linuxtv.org/hg/v4l-dvb) my card doesn't work, i have got
>>>many error messages,  but when i use this snapshot (hg clone
>>>http://linuxtv.org/hg/~mrechberger/v4l-dvb) it works.
>>>final world of cup : france vs deutschland ?
>>Seems some are still against it ;)
>>But the cards should do.
>>Just tried the current mercurial master repository and find no problems.
>>Maybe you had some of the older modules still loaded?
>>(analog not yet tested)
>>I'll try to send to the video4linux-list too. Bertrand is trying on
>>almost the same card, also in Paris. He has the analog part working,
>>but some trouble with DVB-T and maybe mplayer timeouts. He added a
>>positive offset of 165KHz to the channels and dvbscan and channels.conf
>>seems OK. If it is not working already now, maybe you can help each
> Hartmut was right, it works for some channels with Xine.
> Mlayer can get anyone.
> I will try with tzap and see if I can get all the channels but
> it looks like the short timeout for the tuning was the issue.
Oh, good to know!
May i ask you to investigate this further and then post a "fixed"
channnels.conf file?
You are not the only one who has these problems ;-)
The big question is how to continue with this:
I could fix this in the channel decoder driver
- either with a quite dirty fix which has disadvantages
- or with a clean solution which requires to put the driver into a
   kernel thread. This is a significant amount of work.
I still think the best solution is to handle this with a scanning
utility. We might extend and polish the w_scan utility for this.


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