[linux-dvb] Fusion 3 Gold (18ac:d800)

Big Daddy u238bigdaddy at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 21 20:21:40 CEST 2006

>>Big Daddy wrote:
>>>Actually, going back and looking at the thread, Todd said he had the 
>>>FusionHDTV II , which is a different card.
>>>To me, it looks like the FusionHDTV3 Gold and Gold-Q use both the same 
>>>chipsets and should be quite similar to each other in regards to getting 
>>>them to work unless the GPIO programming is different as someone pointed 
>>>out. As far as that goes, that's way above my league of understanding :)
>>>Am I mistaken?
>>No, *I* am mistaken, LOL ....  I had completely misread your email.  Did 
>>you try the patch in your quoted email?  The only reason that it hasnt yet 
>>been applied to the repository is because it has not yet been tested.
>>You can test it without applying the patch by doing the following:
>>modprobe cx88xx card=17
>>modprobe cx8800
>>modprobe cx8802
>>modprobe cx88-dvb
>>Does it work?  If so, please let us know, and then we can add that patch 
>>into the kernel so that the card may be autodetected by the driver in the 
>>Michael Krufky
>I did not try the patch that you made, since it was listed as being for the 
>FusionHDTV II, which is not the card I have. I'll try the modprobe commands 
>you list and see what progress that yields.
SUCCESS! Now we can add 1 more ATSC card to the supported list.
Using the modprobe command from above and forcing the card=17 option seemed 
to make the card load OK. However, since I've never used a tv tuner card in 
linux before, it took me a while to figure out all the dvb-utils and test 
the card to see if it was working. Since it wasn't working in MythTV, I went 
the route of using dvbscan, then I used azap to tune to a channel.
Then I used the command:
mplayer /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0
and up pops full screen video!

I have yet to get LiveTV in MythTV working, it pops up a blank screen for a 
split second, then goes back to the main screen, even though in the setup it 
recognizes the card and can scan channels OK.

But it's my understanding that now that I've gotten to this point that the 
card will work and it's just a matter of getting the right configuration in 

Thanks for all your help Mike, hopefully it won't be long before this card 
is natively recognized in the kernel.


The card I have is the Fusion 3 Gold (18ac:d800), which is different than 
the Gold-Q or the Gold-T model that's been currently suported as of 2.6.13.

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