[linux-dvb] Fusion 3 Gold (18ac:d800)

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Wed Jun 21 21:09:39 CEST 2006

Big Daddy wrote:
>>> Did you try the patch in your quoted email?  The only reason that it 
>>> hasnt yet been applied to the repository is because it has not yet 
>>> been tested.
>>> You can test it without applying the patch by doing the following:
>>> modprobe cx88xx card=17
>>> modprobe cx8800
>>> modprobe cx8802
>>> modprobe cx88-dvb
>>> Does it work?  If so, please let us know, and then we can add that 
>>> patch into the kernel so that the card may be autodetected by the 
>>> driver in the future.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Michael Krufky
> SUCCESS! Now we can add 1 more ATSC card to the supported list.
> Using the modprobe command from above and forcing the card=17 option 
> seemed to make the card load OK. However, since I've never used a tv 
> tuner card in linux before, it took me a while to figure out all the 
> dvb-utils and test the card to see if it was working. Since it wasn't 
> working in MythTV, I went the route of using dvbscan, then I used azap 
> to tune to a channel.
> Then I used the command:
> mplayer /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0
> and up pops full screen video!
> I have yet to get LiveTV in MythTV working, it pops up a blank screen 
> for a split second, then goes back to the main screen, even though in 
> the setup it recognizes the card and can scan channels OK.
> But it's my understanding that now that I've gotten to this point that 
> the card will work and it's just a matter of getting the right 
> configuration in MythTV.
> Thanks for all your help Mike, hopefully it won't be long before this 
> card is natively recognized in the kernel.
> J.J.
> ps.
> The card I have is the Fusion 3 Gold (18ac:d800), which is different 
> than the Gold-Q or the Gold-T model that's been currently suported as 
> of 2.6.13. 
Great!  Thank you for the report.  I have added autodetection support 
for your card to my tree, located at:


I will have this pushed into 2.6.18

About your mythtv problem, it sounds like you didnt give yourself proper 
database permissions on the frontend machine.  (just a guess -- i too, 
had the same problem at first)


Michael Krufky

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