[linux-dvb] Record a transport stream with an USB2 tv card

John Martin linuxtv at martin-family.org.uk
Thu Jun 22 00:43:40 CEST 2006

On Wednesday 21 June 2006 21:52, Abdou NIANG wrote:
> Hi everybody
> I'm working on a multimedia linux kernel project
> At the end of the project we will be able to scan dvb-t channels, see
> channels, record transport streams for the developpemnt i use the mandriva
> 2006 release (kernel 2.6.12). I've installed dvbstream, dvb-apps, dvbsnoop,
> libdvb,...
> Everything is working but i want to record a transport stream and not one
> program stream with my Hauppauge Win TV Nova-T-USB2 tv card using dvbstream
> but my output file is always empty.
> The scan (with dvbscan) works well and i can watch dvb-t channels in
> mplayer
> I've tested several commands such as:
>         dvbstream -f 490000000 -o 8192 > /tmp/test.ts
>          (...)
> I've seen in the dvbstream package (dvbstream.c) that the code have to read
> the buffer value for doing its treatment.

I have the same tv card and the same problem; dvbstream just creates a 
zero-length file.


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