[linux-dvb] DST (v4l-algo)

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 01:33:17 CEST 2006

Hi All,

The dst tree i have ported and finally is at 

Please do test it, whether i broke anything more than i should have. If 
all is well, we can merge the tree and finally it is the right time for 

Building the tree is exactly the same as that of the v4l-dvb tree.

dst takes in module parameters

(1) verbose

The default option is set to verbose=1, implying user is interested in 
verbosed information, different levels of verbosity do exist verbose=5, 
puts the module into DEBUG mode

(2) dst_addons

This is an option on some cards where it is needed to have a different 
behaviour for the CA devices
the current option dst_addons=0x20 implies that it is a device having a 
CI slot.

(3) dst_algo

This defines the tuning algorithm used. This is undefined right now, 
which puts it into the default mode of Software Tuning Algorithm. Users 
can opt, not to use this parameter at all.

The changes can be seen in the changelogs as there are quite some 
changes. If most of the devices can be tested out at the earliest, we 
can soon make it to 2.6.18.

I had to manually port the entire v4l-algo-test tree and hence it might 
have some minor issues. Please bear with me in case of any.


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